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While you grow and develop as a person, there are those moments when you look back and say “Oh … how clumsy I used to behave in those situations…”. 

So during one day, while I was thinking about the things I did, companies that I have contacted, my meditation practice, what I read, the way I communicated with the people around me, etc. I started to notice a couple of ways I can change the way I’m thinking about the events I went through, and how I can do things differently with the time I still had.

So I decided to highlight these top 10 ways to completely transform your rest of the day:

1. Solve a situation / task that is waiting to be solved for quite a while

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If you do not start doing something today, that task will not be solved by itself and nothing is more annoying and stressful than to drag something behind you and not finish it. 

You know … that one thing you wanted to resolve but postponed again and again, and now it’s there in the back of mind and won’t go away? Stop doing this to yourself! Just resolve the task right now.

2. Take it easy

If you try to control every detail and every thing that happens in your life, you can get stressed out quite fast. Sometimes it is better just to relax and let life flow, letting events happen as they come naturally, without sitting in a state of continuous concern, trying to control every step.

So starting now, before you go overboard with your desire to control everything, remember to breathe deeply several times and while exhaling, realize that it is time to let the dust settle in order to better see what you have to do next. 

There’s no need to exactly know evey step you are going to take to reach your destination. In life, things are arranged in perfect order, whether you realize this sooner or later. There are times when it takes a little more to gather all the pieces of the puzzle in order to create the full picture.

3. Try something you’ve never done before

Get out of your comfort zone and try something completely new. Have you thought about something you want to do but never had the courage or time to try? First, choose something that will not take more than an hour. It can be a completely new experience or a little thing like talking to a stranger.

Variety offers something special to your life. You can do something often but the experience of going trough a new thing for the first time is unique. Thus, that experience can give you a refreshing energy boost.

What new thing are you going to try today?

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4. Make sure you keep moving on

Sometimes it can be difficult to make things as they once were or to do things like you once did. The smartest thing you can do is to control how you react in the face of events that are not in your control. If you continue to linger in yesterday’s negativity, all you are actually doing it to give it more power and energy. So avoid thinking about things that are now in the past and focus your attention on what you can do now to move forward.

In each of our lives we can find both positive and negative aspects. The best thing you can do now is to focus your time and energy on things you can control, and avoid doing that for things over which you have no control.

5. Offer someone a special gift: a smile

One of the best things we can do if we want to make the world better, is to give a helping hand to someone in need. Avoid expecting others to smile and show them how to do it. Do something nice for someone who maybe cannot return the favor. Do it just because you can and because it makes someone else’s life better.

When what you do has a positive impact in someone’s life, this will also reflect in your life. Do something that helps a person be happy or suffer less. I’m sure that it will be an experience you will enjoy. That little gesture could touch a wound that a person has that only kindness can heal.

6. Choose to spend time with a person who has a positive impact in your life

I’m sure you can always make new friends but nothing can replace those people who contribute in a positive way in your life. These are not just people who are nice to you. They help discover those things that drag you down. 

In a subtle way, these people give you ideas that can change your life in a positive way. They do not just sit with you without getting involved, but they challenge your ideas, shake up your world, while pointing things out to you in an elegant way. They remain in your life because they care.

They are the most valuable people you can meet because they substantially help you tear down those invisible walls that you’ve built in your mind. In other words, when you meet such a person, they will reveal new and valuable sides of your personality that you might not have discovered on your own.

Even today, spend some time talking these people.

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7. Spend an hour doing something with passion

When you reach that balance between the challenge that a certain activity gives you and your skill level, when things are working in harmony with your goal, when you know that what you do makes a difference in this world, you become completely absorbed in each step you go through and time seems to stop. This means working with passion and being happy while doing it.

So ask yourself this question: “Is there something I usually do that makes be forget what time it is?”

These “flow” experiences are those moments when you are completely absorbed in a task that means something to you and makes you feel alive. You should do this kind of work at least one hour every day.

8. Save some time just for you

In life you have challenges to face, problems to solve, loved ones to take care of, goals to achieve. Sometimes you need a break from all of these. It is even healthy to take a break and let things flow naturally without being involved for a while.

So today, spend some time where you can be alone with your thoughts. Enjoy the moments of silence between the sounds. Do not say anything…it’s just you with yourself. Give yourself some time in which you can reconnect with who you are now …and it’s OK to do that.

9. Be grateful

Every day you deserve a period of time when you leave your thoughts and worries aside. Those moments when, even if you’re around people who only think of them or who behave in a negative way, this does not disturb you because you know that what you got in life is more important than the difficulties you face. Do this every day and you will feel the positive change.

Learn to be grateful for the things you have in your life right now. Many times we take for granted the things that deserve our gratitude the most. What if you give someone a gift and that person never even thanked you for your gesture? Would you still want to give that person something in the future?

10. Live in the present moment

This idea incorporates all the others and that’s why it’s the last one. Live in the present moment. That’s really all that matters. Avoid letting life pass you by. Turn your attention to what is happening around and within you. Do not rush to move quickly to the next thing you have to do.

The future will inevitably happen. The past cannot be changed. So instead of thinking about what happened today or what is going to happen while feeling in a negative way, just live in the present moment. Only this one is real.

What would you add to these top 10 ways to completely transform the rest of the day? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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