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In China, auspicious geographical positions can be recognized by the Nine Palace Flying Star, a method based on the Lo Shu Square.

The legacy of ancient Chinese mathematical and divinatory traditions is partially recorded in this Lo Shu Square, in which the interaction of nine numbers and nine stars are associated with moving patterns of energy. Rather than professional theories and terms of Feng Shui, we’ll directly talk about the auspicious geographical positions of 2014, which are the south, the southwest, and the west.

Ominous Star Facing the East

It is said that an ominous star will arrive in the east in 2014 and if a desk, door, or sofa faces east during the New Year, the homeowner is likely to have arguments with others, get involved in a lawsuit, or have family conflicts. As a result, this year, one should pay particular attention to the placement of objects, cultivation of speech, and friendly attitudes toward others. This way, potential damage can be minimized and minor trouble can be avoided. Also, pay heed to infectious diseases, flu, the condition of the stomach and intestines, diet, skin, hands, and feet. Lastly, be sure to sleep early and avoid staying up late.

Auspicious Star in the South, Avoiding Construction Projects

Along with bad news, there’s always good news—an auspicious star will arrive in the south during 2014. This star is said to bring potential prosperity. If you make good placements of objects in the south corner of your house, good news, a wedding, or job promotion can be expected this year. As we all want a boost in good luck during the New Year, a door or bed facing south can help with that.

Excessive Metal in the East, Staying Peaceful in Face of Problems

In 2014, the west is the direction in which the welcome arrival of wealth and an auspicious star will take place. By staying calm and peaceful amidst all problems, everything will go smooth and soundly. Not to mention, this direction is particularly beneficial for those in power; judiciary or military employees will be honored. However, according to the Chinese Theory of Five Elements, metal is doubled in this direction. With slightly excessive metals, there may be problems related to your bones, teeth, mouth, or respiratory system. As an important pointer, don’t place metal objects like knives, guns, and swords in the east and the same goes for appliances such as fans and air conditioners.

Promotion and Pursuit of Wealth in the North

This year, the north is the brightest direction, for it increases your chances of receiving a promotion, wealth, giving birth, a successful purchase of real estate, as well as success with the building trade. For more personal situations, if you are thinking of getting married or improving an interpersonal relationship, you can make good use of this direction to get a new chance. Yet there is a small issue: the incompatibility of fire and water. This might cause one to have ocular problems and also lose a small fortune. But don’t fret, as the conflict can be resolved by placing amethyst in the north. Apart from this, there shouldn’t be any construction work in this direction, or you will be at risk of a lawsuit. To encourage positive energy flow, some green plants should be placed in the north corner of the house or office, as doing so can bring tremendous vitality.

Thinking Twice Before Acting in the Southeast

The southeast direction of your home can have an impact on one’s academic study and observations. An ominous star is expected to arrive in the southeast direction, and can turn homeowners into a target for rumors and even bring in the risk of a lawsuit. If the bedroom is in the southeast direction, the couple living there will easily get into an argument. If the door and bed face southeast, interpersonal relationships will worsen. Therefore, think twice before any actions; don’t let trivial things bother you. If the bedroom happens to be in this direction, you can diffuse the ill luck by hanging a red decoration, like a Chinese knot, in the southeast corner of the room.

Ominous Star in the Auspicious Direction of Northeast

The northeast was originally an auspicious direction. However, in 2014, the direction has an ominous star. If a desk is placed northeast, you should be cautious about your behavior, for this ominous star might cause misfortune, like theft, injures from knives or guns, as well as suffering from a menacing scheme. Or there might be interpersonal conflicts, loss of fortune, bodily wounds, or a lawsuit. Luckily, the misfortune can be remedied by placing in the northeast, an aquarium with some aquatic plants inside it.

Auspicious Star in Ominous Direction of Southwest

The southwest, associated with the element of earth, is considered ominous and can bring diseases easily. Yet this year an auspicious star comes in this direction. But one’s luck throughout the year will fluctuate, so pay particular attention to illnesses related to the skin, belly and ears. Under the influence of the element Earth, the auspicious star in the southwest is unable to exercise its positive energy, so that the house dweller is at risk of complicated love affairs or disasters associated with drinking and sexual behavior. Positive energy can be enhanced by placing auspicious metal objects, crystal, or jewelry in the southwest direction.

Construction Unsuitable in the Northwest in the Vicinity of the Five Yellow

The most malicious star of 2014 is located in the northwest, causing accidents, along with cranial, skeletal, dental, and respiratory issues. In particular, a father of age or host of the house should be alert about the possible harm. One must also take precautions against building anything in the northwest due to the Five Yellow, also called “Wu Huang” in Chinese, one of the wicked yearly afflictions. “Wu Huang” is a very unstable star and its malicious influence may bring tragedy, sickness, lawsuits, and loss of wealth. If construction in the northwest is inevitable, then one should try to make some clanging and hammering noises with a tool in the south, southwest, and west. By doing so in auspicious directions, the bad luck will be dissolved. There was once a statement about the malicious influence of “Wu Huang”: once disturbed, it brings a tragedy; if undisturbed, it remains unthreatening.

Placing Furniture in Auspicious Directions

When moving into a house, one should consider placing a bed or sofa in an auspicious direction. Just start with making auspicious directions bright and spacious and place big furniture there. Then things in life will go well. However, a key factor in the Feng Shui theory is whether the house itself is auspicious or not. It requires many inspections to decide if the house is auspicious and to find out if an invisible energy flow, called the “dragon’s ridge”, is travelling underground. This “dragon’s ridge” is an invisible energy flow that courses throughout mountains and rivers. Furthermore, the auspiciousness of a house also depends on who’s living in it, as well as his birthday information and some other fine details.