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Today we will explore the Nahuel Huapi Lake, famous for its deep blue color between the mountain forests and fairytale like places.

Patagonia is a travel destination full of incredible places. It has fantastic forests of orange trees, that seem to be a jungle where it rains 4,000 mm annually, a lake that acts like a “mirror” for the environment, with turquoise waters, islands, rivers and beaches. 

Image credit: David/ Wikimedia Commons

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The mountain paradise in Argentine Patagonia, along with the city of Bariloche, are areas of particular beauty that should not be missed if you get the chance to visit this country.

Lake Nahuel Huapi is in the heart of the tourist area of southern Argentina, north of Patagonia, which stretches in the provinces of Neuquén and Rio Negro. 

Most of the lake is located inside the National Park, which is a protected territory and holds islands, rivers and woods, a short distance from the town Bariloche and Villa La Angostura, places that are preferred by tourists.

The lake is of glacial origin, has 557 km, seven branches, and meets other smaller lakes like: Gutierrez (16.4 km), Morena (16.4 km), Espejo and Correntoso (27km). 

Image credit: David/ Wikimedia Commons

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It has an intense blue color and one of its distinguishing characteristics is that it has ecosystems in each of its branches. But in addition to this, Nahuel Huapi stands out as having one of the best views, as stated in a list made by National Geographic, which makes it the 8th beautiful natural landscape.

San Carlos de Bariloche is the most populated city in the province of Rio Negro, one of the most important tourist centers of Argentina. 

It is at the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi, in the center of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, which was the first park created in 1934 in Argentina.

The name of the park is the same as the lake, which in the Mapuche Indian language means “Jaguar Islands”. 

Image credit: Chipppy/ Wikimedia Commons 

650,000 tourists visit Bariloche city annually, which has a wide variety of services with an important infrastructure of hotels of all categories, offering a modern and rich gastronomy. 

Bariloche city being right next to Nahuel Huapi lake, surrounded by mountains and forests, is considered the most beautiful city in the world and of course, from Argentina. 

The city has an excellent level in all services: accommodations, gastronomy, travel, nightlife with discos and bars, having prepared everything to the highest degree for tourists to enjoy the holidays throughout the year.

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Image credit: Gustavo Facci/ Wikimedia Commons