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New Year’s Concert 1987 Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Years Concert in 1987.

BBC Treasures Of The Louvre

BBC Treasures of the Louvre

Let Your Mind Unwind And Your Body Relax – Golden Lotus

Let Your Mind Unwind And Your Body Relax

40,000 Year Old Pictures Amaze Archaeologists

Cave drawings in Indonesia are as old as famous prehistoric art in Europe, according to a new study that shows that our ancestors drew...

Sound of Music Behind The Scenes Footage (archival footage)

Dialogue coach runs through line with actress Charmian Carr (who will appear as Leisl in THE SOUND OF MUSIC) film. Go back and forth...
The Louvre

Five Cultural Heritages That Were Saved During World War II

War is a period in which many destructive events occur. Many works of art or architectural works have survived World War II because of...

Vivien Leigh Interview – Part One Small World

Theatre and film as discussed by Vivien Leigh, Ken Tynan and Samuel Goldwyn in December 1958 with Edward Murrow. Also check out our Middle...

Katharine Hepburn 1985

This interview with Katharine Hepburn originally aired in 1985. Also check out our Middle Land Youtube channel

The Opening of the Academy Awards: 1965 Oscars

Bob Hope opens the 37th Academy Awards, and Claudia Cardinale and Steve McQueen present the Oscar for Sound to the Warner Bros. Studio Sound...

Velazquez and the meaning behind painting – Las Hiranderas

  Western painting is full of symbols and allusions. (TRANSLATION NOTE this is not ‘illusion’ but ‘allusion’ – reference, association, relationship.] In traditional painting...

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