Do angels really exist?

Many people wish to have an angel by their side forever, and hope to get help from them in their time of distress and get through every obstacle.  As everyone knows, angels also rely on people to help people, because they cannot just appear on earth.

So who will get the blessing of the angels? Only those who are kind and considerate and appear to be an angel in the eyes of others. The reason is very simple: you help others, then others will help you; if you are good to others, others will be good to you.

 Sometimes when you helped someone who’s having trouble with their car, someone will miraculously appear in front of you another day and help you through your troubles when you most need it. Maybe when one day you let an elderly person take your seat on the bus, your parents will get the same treatment another day. Is it a coincidence? It’s not – it is an angel that sent you help, because angels like angels.

An old saying by the ancient gods goes, “a thought of compassion is in line with God while an idea of evil is in line with the devil.” Based on Western culture, couldn’t these ancients delivering a sacred message be considered as angels? When one is pure and compassionate, is one not an angel? It seems the ancients have thoroughly publicized the truth, but we did not discover it. Perhaps we perceive the words of our ancestors as mere superstitions and refuse to listen.

Those who want to be happy every day need to be considerate of others and be others’ angels. They will get the blessing of the angels, and get the protection of God.

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Translation: Ireen Chau


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