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Enamel-decorated porcelain, a fusion of Arabian enamel-making and Chinese porcelain-making, is further evidence of cultural exchanges between the East and West.

The nobility in the West had rising demand for China’s porcelain, while painting on the porcelain was noticeably improved with the introduction of Western paintings into China.

The Qing dynasty took over the country in 1644. Porcelains decorated with enamel were signature pieces of this era.

Enamel-decorated porcelains have been used in the Imperial court since the Emperor Kangxi (1661-1723) era. “Enamel” was handiwork made from copper, it was brought to China in the 13th century from Arabia. Chinese craftsmen incorporated enamel-making skills into Chinese porcelain. On the inside of enamel-decorated china, there is a layer of white glaze; on the outside, it is painted with flowers in rich colors of yellow, green, red, purple, etc.

China has a long history of pottery-making. Pieces from each era have their own characteristics. So what is your favorite style of pottery?

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