8:34 am

Once, I walked by a swarm of people conversing happily. Out of curiosity, I moved toward them to take a look.

Elbowing my way through the crowd, I rested my eyes on a potted flower; a gorgeous, big white bloom. Among those present was the owner of the flower, who was sharing an array of information about it. It turned out to be a rare Epiphyllum species. Since Epiphyllum usually blooms at night, an afternoon bloom is a rarity. Instead of keeping the beauty to herself, the owner placed the flower pot at the entrance to share it with others.

I stood there taking in the blooming flower. With the blossom getting a lot of good buzz, I couldn’t but give my praise. Carrying itself with a heavenly air, the flower literally stood out from the rest. With some sort of faint energy penetrating its pedals, the flower seemed to be shrouded in mist and cloud, displaying an air of elegance and ease.

The experience of taking in floral beauty is quite unique. Many Chinese people have strong jealousy and are envious of what others have. However, among the 40 to 50 who were gathered – excluding passers-by – none showed any jealousy. The atmosphere was harmonious.

Was it due to the flower’s beauty? At the first sight of the potted flower, I sensed its stainless purity and holiness.

That was a kind of unstained beauty, unburdening its viewers from such a lowly state of mind.

If we can attain such kindness and innocence in our daily lives, if we can be the beautiful flower, can we also achieve the same result? “Broadly shines a Buddha’s light, justly setting all things right” goes the Buddhist saying.

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