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No need to go to other planets to find weird places, you just need to search a little on our little planet to admire the unique performances of nature in terms of beauty and mystery.

Kliluk lake is located in Canada, in the British Columbia Province, and is also known as “spotted lake.” Due to the numerous minerals it contains and their interactions with water, the surface of this lake looks like it was colored with a paint bursh. The lake is most spectacular during summer when the water evaporates.

Located at about 100 km east of Vancouver near the border with the United States, Kliluk is one of the richest mineral lakes in the world, containing the highest concentrations of magnesium sulfate, calcium sulfate, sodium, and 8 minerals in small amounts, including silver and titanium.

About 365 separate pools filled with highly concentrated minerals are formed. The water from the lake evaporates leaving these huge “spots” of minerals whose color can vary, depending on the mineral composition: from white, pale ocher, yellow and even green or blue. Mineral crystals form natural corridors that make it easy to access these formations.

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A sacred place for Native Indians

According to tradition, in a war between local tribes, they called a truce for the warriors on both sides to go heal their wounds with water from the lake.

Both locals and native Indians who arrived here later, attributed exceptional therapeutic properties to these waters. In fact, it has been found that the lake waters are able to improve and accelerate the healing of rheumatic pains and light injuries. Moreover, during World War I, dissolved minerals from the lake’s water were used to produce ammunition.

Being considered a sacred place, 40 years ago, when it was proposed to create a spa in the area, citizens have decided to buy the land, protecting the beautiful waters of the lake. A successful acquisition which still manages to attract many visitors across the country, thus contributing to the economic growth of the region.

Today, the lake is surrounded by a fence, which doesn’t allow visitors to get too close to it. However, the lake can be admired in all its splendor with ease. Not coincidentally, this wonder of nature is among the most photographed in the world.

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