In a recent speech at Harvard University, Matteo Renzi, the prime minister of Italy, said that Europe should focus their attention on what is happening inside the continent and not outside, if they want to successfully face the terrorist threat .

The former mayor of Florence agrees that it’s important to mobilize the military, to increase the security level and to have a more open collaboration between the secret services, but only these measures will not increase the level of safety in Europe, for the true threat lies within the borders.

During the event, Matteo Renzi said: “Let me be very clear … the terrorists who killed people in Paris or in Brussels didn’t come from Syria, or from Libya, or from Tunisia, or from Afghanistan. They grew up in Europe. […] The enemy is not only abroad. The enemy is within our cities”

Europe can cope with this problem by investing in education, economic development and “in the humanist model of cities in Europe”, not only in the police and security.

It is important to give hope to new generations and this can not be done by investing in austerity.


Source: abcnews


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