Michael Phelps – Rio Olympics 2016 (The Evolution SC Featured)


There will be no golden A as there were in Beijing for starters. It was 8 years ago when Michael Phelps was merely a pup. Now 31 old only in the world of Pokemon go in competitive swimming Phelps has his sights set on a much more realistic for events with no plans for the future at least we don’t think.

And again real was supposed to be the end of the roads for Phelps. Instead it’s a chance for the human bullion depository to add his hall of 18 gold and 22 total Olympic medals and that quest began on Sunday.

Team U.S.A. and Michael Phelps swimming in the 4 by 100 meter freestyle relay helps the second of four to swim. France was leading before Phelps hit the water. He gave the U.S. to lead when he tagged up team U.S.A. goes on to win at a time of 3 09 92. France was second about a half second behind the U.S. so 19 gold medal for Michael Phelps.