Matteo Renzi, the italian Prime Minister, announced his resignation in Rome during a press conference.

Sunday’s referendum results about constitutional reforms prompted the Prime Minister to announce his resignation.

The Italian voters rejected the Prime Minister’s constitutional reforms, which were supposed to greatly change the political power balance between the Parliament and the executive branch.

Because the citizens are not satisfied by the Renzi’s government, the negative vote won by almost 20 percent difference.

The Prime Minister declared that he “takes full responsibility” for the defeat. Renzi also said that according to a promise he made before this vote, he wishes to resign.

Renzi considered a “yes” vote as a way to end the legislative problems. He said: “If the ‘no’ vote wins, Italy will still have the biggest, most costly, and slowest parliament in Europe.”

The changes consist of reducing the size of the Senate – a chamber of the Parliament and thereby eliminating the Senate’s power.

Many were opposed these changes, the motives being that the power of the chief executive will be too great.

Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister, and some members of the Matteo’s Democratic Party and mostly those from Five Star Movement were those who opposed most of the constitutional reforms.

This interesting result will definitely increase the power of influence of the anti-immigrant group in Italy.

Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, who is also a member of the Five Star Movement, said: “Italians have won. Now we can rebuild the country. Our revolution does not end, in Rome nor in Italy.”

BBC said: “The referendum comes in the wake of the Brexit vote in the U.K. in June, and coincides with the rise of the anti-immigrant Front National in France and populist parties elsewhere.”


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