In Germany sexual assaults have reached an alarming rate in 2016.

There were thousands of incidents of abused children and women.

In 2016, nearly 2125 sexual assaults have been reported in Germany, 199 of which were rape cases and 380 were cases of molestation. These were all committed by non-German nationals and refugees.

The migrants and foreigners committed 319 murders, from which 14 of the victims were children.

112 acts of arson were reported in Germany in 2016, as well as 59 acts of terrorism all done by migrants.

The most important target of sexual attacks are, unfortunately, the children. There has been 633 assaults, 286 molestation and 26 rapes, most of them occurring in swimming pools.

XYEinzelfall is a German group which has gathered information related to these tragic sexual assaults. They also reported about a terrible incident of a 10-year-old boy which was raped in a public swimming bath in Theresienbad in Austria by a man from Iraq. This group is trying to unveil the truth about these attacks. They reported that women are told to keep their eyes down, but even so they are harassed by migrants in group. There were also many elderly women who have been assaulted in their own homes.

In 2015, on New Year’s Eve, around 1222 women were sexually assaulted and robbed. From these investigations, 211 of them have been canceled by the police – the reason being the lack of evidence.

These factors have caused the German authorities to take measures by enlarging the number of policemen up to ten times in Cologne in 2016, in order to avoid the same problems like last year 2015.

The next problem taken into consideration is for the Great Britain. If Britain opens the gate for migrants, the same problem can also occur there.


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