Former British intelligence agent who apparently would be behind the report which claimed that Russia possesses compromising information against Donald Trump, disappeared from the public scene, fearing for his life and family.

A few days before taking office, US President-elect Donald Trump is involved in a new scandal after an unverified 35 page report, that includes details on past visits to Russia, was published by the media on Tuesday. 

The man that allegedly was behind the report disappeared from the public scene, fearing for his safety.

According to reports, Christopher Steele, a former British spy, is behind the memo stating that Trump is blackmailed by Russia due to agreements on foreign policy and alleged intimate activities. 

The report, which was not confirmed by US intelligence, was published on the website BuzzFeed and CNN. In turn, Trump strongly denied the allegations, claiming it is “false news”.

Steele’s house, located in a village outside London, was closed and its neighbors have told AFP that he and his family left Wednesday, asking a neighbor to feed three cats during the family’s absence. 

A neighbor named Mike Hopper told AFP: “We have not seen any family member yesterday. Not the kind of thing you expect to hear, international news of such importance, in an area like this. “

A source told The Telegraph newspaper that Steele was “horrified” Wednesday when the media made public his American nationality and name. The source added that after the report’s publication, Steele “was terrified about his safety and his family.”

Steele previously worked for MI6 under diplomatic cover at the British embassy in Moscow in 1990 and in Paris, according to The Telegraph. 

Then he worked with FBI in the FIFA corruption file. Since 2009, Steele was Director of Orbis, a consulting firm in the information field located in central London.

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