US President Donald Trump, had the first official meeting with a foreign leader – British Prime Minister Theresa May. NATO, Russia, and bilateral trade were the main topics of the discussion between the two leaders.

Despite that Donald Trump suggested before being sworn that NATO is ‘outdated’, May said she believes the new US president ” recognizes the importance and significance of NATO”.

“I am also confident that the US will recognize the importance of cooperation that we have in Europe, to ensure collective defense and collective security,” she told the Financial Times.

May also said that the British decision on Brexit “was not a decision on separation from the EU.”

“I want the EU to continue to be strong and we still want a close and strategic partnership with the EU,” she said.

Leaving the EU would be something “extraordinary” for the UK, says US President Donald Trump, noting that relations between Washington and London were a “great force of history”.

“Given the threats we face, it is not a time for low cooperation,” added May.

Financial Times wrote that May refused to comment on speculation that she might meet with Trump at Washington ‘within days’.

She said she plans to be “very frank” while talking with Trump and wants to build “a very special relationship” between the two governments.

May expressed her hope that the two sides will be able to establish a formal bilateral agreement before the UK officialy leaves the EU.

Theresa May also announced that Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to make a visit to Britain this year.

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