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Norway is the land of fjords. It has over 2,000 marine bays (fjords) formed between steep rock banks. Fjord in Norwegian means empty. It is estimated that they were formed 10-15 thousand years ago during the retreat of the glaciers.

The beauty of clear water, mountain peaks and unique geological formations always attract nature lovers who want to fill their minds and souls with the wonders of nature. Norway stands out through its landscapes, largely due to the famous fjords.

Geiranger Fjord, which National Geographic describes as “the most beautiful in the world”, was declared a U.N.S.C.O. heritage and is visited by over 300,000 tourists per year, thanks to the spectacular landscapes.

Next is Sogne Fjord, called King’s Fjord, which is the longest and deepest bay from Norway. On the shore of the fjord we meet a picturesque village called Balestrad, where tourists can eat traditional food, listen to stories from local people and visit the wooden church.

Lyse Fjord is 42 km, with walls that rise up to 1,000 m above water. The landscape is truly unique. It can be reached with cruise ships and the price can exceed 1,000 euros. Often the landscape is more astonishing in winter than in summer.

I invite you to try this experience and wonderful images will accompany you throughout your life because these landscapes are difficult to see elsewhere in the world.

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