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In a speech prepared for Tuesday, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, will signal a clear separation of the EU, including on its unique market. Fears about the effect, forced the decline of the sterling’s value.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will discuss today about her plans for the UK, while it will leave the EU. 

According to excerpts from the speech released on Monday by May’s office, the prime minister will declare that she doesn’t seeks an agreement that will keep the country “half inside, half outside” the EU, but wants a complete separation from the block, i.e. a so-called “tough Brexit”.

“We do not want to partially be a member of the EU, the status of being in association with the Union, or anything else that is half in and half out. We do not want to adopt a model that other countries already enjoy,” according to a passage from the speech.

These passages do not explicitly reveal what type of trade arrangement May wants with the EU, nor does it reveal the 12 objectives to be addressed in the separation discussions that will be held with the EU, objectives that the prime minister intends to present. 

However, the passages argue that Britain and the EU “will continue to be reliable partners, volunteer allies and close friends.”

British media reported that the 12 objectives to be presented include leaving the European single market and regaining full control over Great Britain’s borders.

Monday the pound fell against the dollar to its lowest point in the last three months, reaching 1.1983 against the US dollar.

Before the speech today, Prime Minister May kept secret the details the UK wants in the following discussions about Brexit, while investors, companies and legislators start to worry about what might happen. 

May plans by the end of March to launch official talks with the EU on exiting the union.

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