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The Swiss company Caran d’Ache celebrated a century of activity in the field of writing instruments and arts. 

On this special occasion it organized a special exhibition, confirming once again the professionalism, reliability, as well as the quality of the products that were presented both for the business world and for the classroom.

To commemorate the centenary, Caran d’Ache organized an exhibition and numerous events that have become a unique opportunity to describe the impeccable trajectory of the company, who became a unique representative of luxury writing and an inspiration for all generations.

Caran d’Ache’s creations combine perfection, artisan quality and pure innovation in writing to the highest aesthetic standards, being present in over 90 countries.

From 1915, all Caran d ‘Ache’s products are made in workshops in Geneva. The company produces various writing instruments, drawing and painting materials. Pure graphite and the Fibralo Caran d ‘Ache colors can be found in stores and can be used by professional and beginner artists. Ecridor Mademoiselle is a new chapter of Carand’Ache, dedicated to femininity, as the creations are crafted in gold, silver and diamonds.

Caran d’Ache writing instruments represent a set of values that communicate beyond words, appreciation, respect and gratitude, as parts of a special relationship.

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Here are two exquisite examples:


The Crystal Collection of writing instruments is a creative association of two legendary partners: Caran d ‘Ache and the French crystal company, Lalique. The unique style of these limited edition creations, unites the pure Art Deco with the iconic Coutard motif, a succession of drops of water in a cascade that René Lalique created in a 1935 for Fontaine Coutard. The pen is presented in a fine white ceramic and black diamonds and 18 pens were crafted.

Caran d ‘Ache’s “Crystal

Caelograph” an Caran d’Ache invention 

The limited edition Caelograph pens combine technical expertise with drawing to explore the eternal fascination of man: the sky. It is the first time a writing instrument is designed to decipher the sky, with elements of astronomy and the history of time. This ingenious tool is designed especially for science fans. The luxury writing instruments can be made of gold, silver and diamonds, which not only provide excellent writing, but several astronomical functions.

Caran d ‘Ache’s “Caelograph

The pen and paper seem less important in the age of tablets and smartphones

“Maybe people write less than they did in the past, but for those who still do, a writing instrument is a must. It is a joy for the hand and heart, “said fashion expert and reporter Jeroen van Rooijen, adding that people choose their words carefully when handwriting.

If you to make an exquisite gift, these wonderful writing instrument are waiting for you, as they can capture and keep the feeling of giving.

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