According to some researchers, it is likely that within the Earth there is as an ocean so big, bigger than all the oceans of the world combined.

Scientific theories are repeated and summarized so often, that we forget they are just theories, not facts. When you think of ” the Center of the Earth”, you will likely imagine a classic textbook image showing a cross section of the Earth’s layers as onion sheets: the crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core and inner core.

Many people take this as a simple and clear fact. But humanity has been able to dig inside the Earth for up to about 12 km, and we are about 6437 km from its center. Therefore, we are saturated with 6425 km of theories.

Of course, theories have their reasons behind them. They are based on geological phenomena that has been observed. However, a discovery exemplifies how our planet might be much different than we generally think.

Professor Graham Pearson of the University of Alberta led a team of scientists who analyzed a cheap diamond that provided valuable information.

The team paid about $20 for a diamond found by miners in the Juina region of Mato Grosso in Brazil, in 2008. Inside the brown diamond, they have discovered by chance a mineral called Ringwood, while actually looking for another.

Previously, the mineral had been discovered in meteorites, and this is the first time the it has been found inside the Earth.

It’s discovery has been significant because they found water inside, and it formed at a depth between 402 and 563 km below the surface of our planet, the so-called “transit region” between the upper and lower mantle.

This suggests that there is an ocean inside the Earth and that the ocean “could have as much water as all the oceans of the world combined,” Pearson said in a press release from the University of Alberta, Canada.

If the diamond is representative of that deep part of the Earth where it formed, then there exists an enormous ocean inside. However, although this is not yet certain, the mineral’s discovery is a major step forward in confirming that water is an important part of the Earth’s interior.

This enormous ocean would have a big impact in terms of tectonic plates forming volcanoes, and how rocks move under the Earth’s crust. In fact, it would have an impact on the whole world of geology.

This discovery reminds us of the classic novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, written by the famous Jules Verne in the nineteenth century, where a brave scientist discovers a passage to the center of the Earth and finds an ocean, earth and intelligent life inside.

The theory of the hollow Earth has gained some popularity in the nineteenth century, and today some people still see it as possible, as any other theory, even if it’s ridiculed sometimes.

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