By Patricia Kingswell 6:36 am PST

The best spiral diver in the world isn’t a professional pilot, but the humble falcon. When a falcon locks in on its prey, it doesn’t plummet in a straight line; it spirals. And it’s not just any random spiral. The pattern it follows is a “golden” or “divine” spiral—a spiral whose growth factor is the mysterious irrational number Phi (Φ = 1.618…)

The same with that whirlpool created as the water in your sink or bath spirals down in a vortex. You are in fact, witnessing a Golden Spiral; what some have called “the fingerprint of God”.

From tiny forms that are too small to see, to huge galaxies in which our Earth is like a single grain of sand, those who care to observe are finding a form and order to what occurs—they are realizing that the cosmos loves spirals.

Golden Spirals are expressed in single-celled shells, human DNA, the curvature of a fetus, within a fingerprint, the growth of plants and trees, the Nautilus Shell, the ram’s horn, a sea wave, water vortex, hurricanes, spiral galaxies…

From ancient times, the Golden Ratio has represented perfect harmony or the most attractive proportion that can decrease or increase in size indefinitely, without altering its shape.

“Like God, the Divine Proportion is always similar to itself,” wrote mathematician Fra Luca Pacioli, who collaborated with Leonardo Da Vinci.

Drawing the golden spiral is real easy: Nestle together increasing squares that follow the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13…) in their dimensions and draw a curve through each square. You can go on for as long as you like and you will get a curve like that seen in a snail’s shell.

The falcon precisely follows this spiral. It’s the most energy efficient flight path that allows it to lock eyes on its target, without twisting its head and creating drag. Going in for the kill, it can dive at 200m/h.

Nature’s wisdom can be brought into our own lives. A lot of us try to pursue a straight line dive—we want immediate satisfaction and then lose sight of our goal.

People who achieve golden results stay razor focused, ride with their flow and throw out distractions. They simplify down to essentials and achieve small steps every day.

“Fibonacci numbers and the spiral, the logarithmic organic spiral that occurs with them balances through growth, transformation, expansion… It’s an organic expansion from that zero—seed, to as large as you’d like. But it’s always going to have a self resembling property. The longer it spirals the closer its definition you can get to a definition of life.” —Michael Schneider

Greeks read in Phi Φ the signature of transcendence.

1. Causes of Flow
– Set a clear goal
– Immediately acknowledge successes of attempts to reach that goal
– Choose challenges you’re confident you have the skills to handle

2. Characteristics of Flow
– Total concentration and focused attention
– A sense of positivity and having control
– Openness to new things
– Increased exploration and learning

3. Consequences of Flow
– Losing yourself in the activity
– Distortions in the perception of time
– Intrinsically rewarding

How does it stack together so many seeds?

Nature is beautiful in many ways.
– As seeds grow out from the centre, each new one is rotated precisely on the Golden Angle of nature’s favorite number Phi φ⁠—perhaps the MOST irrational number that exists⁠—forming a Phi double spiral.
– Count the spiraling branches⁠—one clockwise; another counter-clockwise⁠—and you’ll get two Fibonacci numbers. (Same with a pine cone, pineapple, artichoke… etc.)
– No other angle of rotation works (even irrationals like Pi or √2) because there would end up empty spaces and straight lines of seeds, like legumes.