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Caves continue to facinate people, revealing their beauty, greatness and uniqueness to those who visited them. Great wonders are to be found in these hidden worlds, real spectacles of ice, rock and water.

 We invite you to discover the most impressive 10 caves in the world:

1. Jeita cave from Lebanon

Jeita cave is 20 km from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. It is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world, consisting of two stone caves: one with galleries in its upper part and another one crossing the river Rio del Perro. The stalactites and stalagmites offer a spectacular view produced by the water erosion. 

Photo credit: SamyR

Photo credit: SamyR

Photo credit: SamyR

2. Giant crystal cave in Mexico

Here we can find the largest crystals in the world, some of them reaching up to 11 m. The cave was discovered in 2000 and is considered a wonder of nature. It has these giant formations due to the temperature that it has been preserved for thousands of years: 54°C (129°F). Fortunately, some of the cave rooms have a natural ventilation system that creates conditions somewhat bearable. The maximum survival time in this cave is half an hour.

Photo credit: Alexander Van Driessche

Photo credit: Paul Williams

3. Blue Lake Cave in Brazil

Considered a natural wonder, the formed stalactites and stalagmites and a huge blue lake are of breathtaking beauty. The splendor and the peculiarity of this cave can be seen when sunlight enters it, producing a magical effect: the walls turn blue. 

Photo credit: LNarimatsu

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4. Mogao Caves in China

It is a set of 492 temples located near the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province. Over time they were known as the caves of a thousand Buddhas. In 1987, UNESCO made the cave a part of the Heritage of Humanity. They were built during the Northern Wei Dynasty and have a simple layout, marked by Indian influences. The walls which were painted in the Tang Dynasty are richer and include many characters. Buddhist monks cherished solitude and hoped that these caves will help them reach enlightenment. The paintings could influence them in meditation, considering them visual representations in finding perfection, but were at the same time ways to inform about Chinese Buddhist faith and history.

Photo credit: Zhangzhugang

Photo credit: Bairuilong

5. Cave Pozo Encantado in Brazil

The cave can be found in Chapada Diamantina National Park. It is one of the most visited areas, receiving the name of “Phenomenon”, because the crystal clear waters have different colors due to the effects of sunlight that shines for a few hours a day through the cave openings.

Photo credit: Alex Uchoa

6. Cacahuamilpa cave in Mexico

There are 10 km long tunnels and the cave height varies between 30-70 m. You can find 90 salons (very large cavities) that have artificial and natural light.

Photo credit: Thelmadatter

Photo credit: Thelmadatter

Photo credit: Thelmadatter

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7. Bellamar Cave in Cuba

Bellamar caves are a popular tourist spot in Matanzas province, 100 km east of Havana. They are famous for their special formations and marine deposits estimated to 25 million years. They are open to the public from the day they were discovered, 140 years ago. They were closed only during the War of Independence to not serve as hideouts.

Photo credit: Paul Bica

Photo credit: Dave Dyet

8. Crystal Cave from Bermuda Islands

It is located in Hamilton and is one of the major attractions of the area. It is situated at a depth of 35 m and presents underground waterways. It is considered one of the largest caves in the world.

Photo credit: Kendrick Arnett

Photo credit: Craig Stanfill

9. Waitomo Cave in New Zealand

Also known as Fireflies cave, Waitomo is special due to a certain detail: in it live thousands of bioluminescent worms from the Arachnocampa Luminosa species. These worms emit a faint bluish light in order to attract their prey. Thousands can be found inside the cave, hanging from the ceiling like threads of silk. 

Photo credit: 2il org

10. Mirad Aire Cave in Portugal

It is the biggest cave system in Portugal. Its depth is 110 m and has a huge lake with artificial waterfalls and fountains. Tourists can reach the surface with an elevator.

Photo credit: Rei-artur

Photo credit: Edgar Jiménez

Which one of these caves would you like to visit first?

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