Italy is a country that doesn’t have only one or two beautiful cities, but a lot of places where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon walk, you can visit unique tourist sites and learn new things about our history, while classical art and architecture surrounds you everywhere.

In Italy there are dozens of cities where you would like to live, cities that have their own life. After you visit pay them a visit, you will no longer be the same person.


Verona is perhaps one of the most important pages from Italy’s history book. William Shakespeare turned it into the city of eternal love, and the houses of Romeo and Juliet are reminiscent of the tumultuous city.

The famous balcony from Romeo & Juliet

Verona is a destination that should not be misses from your holiday plans. The city is like a museum and it has been included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage. It is the second largest city in the Veneto region, in terms of population and cultural riches.

Verona is not just about Romeo and Juliet. It is also about Piazza Bra with its Roman arena dating from the first century, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, with the famous tombs of the Scaligeri family, as Verona’s lords are part of the city’s long history.

The Roman arena that can be found in the historic city center, is the best preserved Roman amphitheater. It’s still functional and can accommodate 15,000 spectators. The third largest amphitheater in Italy after the Colosseum in Rome and the Arena in Capua, it is famous for its many festivals, theater and opera plays, and the concerts it hosts.

Then you have the famous Via Mazzini, Verona’s luxurious street, the proof of modernism in the beautiful Italian city, with big brands receiving millions of customers every year.

Piazza delle Erbe tempts tourists with its restaurants, cafes and bars, offering them moments of relaxation and contemplation. Those who visit the city with their children, can visit park Gardaland, the largest amusement park in Italy, perfect for a family adventure.


Rome is the capital and the largest city in Italy, the richest in the world regarding historical and archaeological vestiges.

Rome is a city which abounds in monuments and attractions. This makes it a popular destination for tourists worldwide. Though locals only see the hustle and bustle of central Rome, tourists from around the world appreciate many attractions. 

The best way to explore the city is to discover it on your own, because Rome is the Eternal City, a complex citadel that offers something for everyone.

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We recommend a number of sights that should not be missed on a vacation in Rome: The Colosseum – probably the most impressive building of the Roman Empire, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, Basilica San Pietro, Trajan’s Column, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Vatican Museums. Did we miss anything?


Florence (Firenze in Italian) is the capital of Tuscany and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world: full of magic and art, while its cultural and historical legacy have a positive impact in the world.

Situated on Arno River, Florence has the imprint of history. It is an important city since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, especially for its art and architecture. Florence is considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and is called the Athens of the Middle Ages. The city has long been led by the Medici family and for a brief period, from 1865 to 1870, was even capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

Florence’s historic center is admired by millions of tourists and has been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1982. Florence is called by many the Italian capital of art because of its art collections, especially those hosted by Palazzo Pitti and the Uffizi Gallery, where enthusiasts are waiting hours to get in to see and admire the treasures of art.

Other sites that attract visitors are Piazza del Duomo with Santa Maria dei Fiori Cathedral, the National Museum of the Bargello, the Academy of Fine Arts and Casa Dante, the Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Strozzi and Palazzo Corsini palaces, the Boboli, Bardini and Botanical gardens and of course, Gherardesca Gardens. You can also visit Piazzale Michelangelo, Piazza della Signoria and the Medici Chapel. 

Another place to visit is Ponte Vecchio, a bridge that impresses with its art and jewelry shops that lure tourists, but also the cobbled streets that have on both sides old but very well maintained buildings.

Through numerous elegant squares (Piazza), Renaissance palaces (palazzi), academies, parks, gardens, museums and art galleries, according to a 2007 study, Florence was named the most desired tourist destination in the world.


Venice is a unique city with unique architecture, beautiful churches and water channels that you can enjoy in a gondola, while you admire the beauty that surrounds you. 

Piazza San Marco filled with pigeons, the beatiful Rialto Bridge, the sunset on the Grand Canal and the morning fish market, offers a unique experience for every tourist. In addition, we must not forget the famous Venice Carnival where masks and costumes transform Venice into a work of art.

We recomment a trip to Murano and Burano Island, and if you go during the summer, you can sunbathe at Lido. 

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For a tranquil Venice experience, you should visit the city when it is not in full season or even during winter, when a cloud of thin fog embraces the city.


Cheerful, colorful and romantic at the same time, Burano Island is a photographic paradise and a tourist heaven for unique experiences.

It is located in the north of the Venetian lagoon and is renowned for the production of lace and colorful fishermen’s houses. It is the city with the highest production of quality lace.  The market is so diverse that you will find all the possible products that ca be made using lace. From curtains and tablecloths, doilies to bridal dresses, hats and baby clothes. So it is impossible to leave the island without making a purchase.

The idea to paint the fishermen’s homes came from the desire to be able to easily identify the areas and homes located in each lagoon. A practical idea for them, and a valuable one in terms of tourism. That’s because, in addition to romantic walks on the waterways of Burano and the lace market, tourists come every year to admire the only rainbow city from Europe.

Burano can rather be considered an archipelago composed of four individual islands, which are separated by narrow channels, 10 meters wide: Rio Pontinello Channel in the west, Rio Zuecca in the south and Rio Terranova in the east. It is an area heavily visited by tourists as it is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Venice. 

To get there from Venice you can use public transport: the Vaporetti motorboats and the trip lasts only 40 minutes.

Here is where we end our trip for today. Join us in the next article as we explore the most beautiful cities in Italy.

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