Engagement rings are symbols of the love, compassion, devotion, and fidelity a couple shares.

The very shape and design of the ring, however, has additional symbolism that many couples incorporate when they select the perfect ring to represent their relationship. 

Her personal style, her activities and lifestyle are the main considerations that should guide your selection of a setting. Here are some recommendations that match personality traits with various styles of engagement rings: 

Traditional & Elegant

A classic solitaire setting is timeless and showcases the center diamond without any distraction. Solitaires, which are rings that feature one center diamond, are the most popular style for engagement rings. The most traditional solitaire features a plain metal band. 

Bonheur solitaire by Van Cleef & Arpels 

With its single diamond, Bonheur – “Happiness” in French – is a timelessly traditional engagement ring. Set in elegant platinum, Bonheur’s single diamond . 

Three stone engagement rings (in which each stone represents past, present, and future) are another prevalent alternative to the traditional solitaire. 

If the wearer wants to dazzle with glamour, she might love a setting that holds her diamond higher, or perhaps one that features sparkling pavéset diamonds on the band of the ring. Halo engagement settings are also very popular. Halo settings add a circle of diamonds around the center diamond to add sparkle and make the center diamond appear larger. Cartier d’Amour is a round, delicate collection based on a reinterpretation of a 1938 model. The sparkle of each diamond in its closed setting is enhanced by the micro-paved belt that encircles it. 

Cartier d’Amour

Another romantic choice with its flowing diamond-set ribbons circling the finger is the Side Stone engagement ring which takes a simple setting and makes it sensational. Whether you’re seeking a classic ring with pear-shaped diamond side stones, vintage settings with baguettes and emerald shaped diamonds, or the modern look of round cut or trilliant diamonds, the Side Stone ring is perfect for any era. 

Your Side Stone choices include diamonds, emeralds, blue or pink sapphires, and may be set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. The Romance solitaire by Van Cleef & Arpels is a classic, timeless design of the Romance engagement ring which highlights the splendor of the central stone.

The Romance solitaire by Van Cleef & Arpels

Feminine, romantic and pretty, this style of engagement ring features a Swirl or metal around the diamond. Usually sold as part of a set, the wedding band offers a perfect fit to the unusual, dreamy shape. An artistic, creative woman may be drawn to this ring. A solitaire entwined by a swirl of love, the radiant Trinity Ruban by Cartier celebrates the infinite connection of an eternal bond. 

The radiant Trinity Ruban by Cartier

If your beloved appreciate a Contemporary, fashion-forward style, a sweet and trendy choice is the Miss Happy ring by Chopard. A delicate, rounded form of the heart-shaped motif ring in 18-carat white gold, holds within a moving diamond that dances freely between two sapphire crystals. A very charming ring with a youthful carefree spirit. 

The Miss Happy ring by Chopard

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