As with clothes, more people want unique jewelry that expresses their personality and lifestyle.

Maison Giampiero Bodino offers a bespoke service to customers who want a ring, a necklace or other refined jewelry. He customizes it according to their needs and personality.

Giampiero Bodino finds inspiration for his creations by talking with the customer at Villa Mozart in Milan. Gathering elements of the customer’s personality, he creates a piece of jewelry encrusted with precious stones that perfectly match specific needs:

“When I see a woman entering Villa Mozart, I immediately realize what type of jewelry would be perfect for her.”
Giampiero Bodino

Using drawings,and wax models, the customized jewelry comes to life little by little. The finished, unique artworks combine what is exceptional of the ancient and the modern while using colors that are always bold and inspired by Italian culture.

“I believe that jewelry should be worn in a modern style. You can wear them with a haute couture dress but at the same time, I have nothing against wearing a white shirt with a fabulous piece of jewelry.”
Giampiero Bodino

We invite you to take a peek into this wonderful world of inspiration and colors that will enchant your senses and spread tingles all over your body:

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