Among those who know the luxury market, the name Cartier brings to mind different images of elegant jewelry and watches with a specific design of the 20th century.

Like the already famous models, Santos and Tank.

Cartier watch models: Santos 100(Left) and Tank MC (Right)Cartier watch models: Santos 100(Left) and Tank MC (Right)

But until now, fine watches connoisseurs had to look elsewhere to find creations that might interest them.

This changed in 2008 when Cartier debuted its Fine Watchmaking Collection. Among the models that stood out you can find the Rotonde de Cartier Astroregulateur and the Mysterious Double Tourbillon.

Rotonde de Cartier AstroregulateurRotonde de Cartier Astroregulateur

Rotonde De Cartier Mysterious Double TourbillonRotonde De Cartier Mysterious Double Tourbillon

In search of continuous self-improvement, Cartier combined the fine design for which it was already famous, with recent exploration of fine watchmaking, creating Cartier Drive, a collection of cushion-shaped men’s pieces powered by in-house movements.

The design is borrowed from the automotive world. Drive Cartier are sophisticated watches with a design that resulted from the brand’s rich tradition of creating distinctively shaped timepieces.

“Cartier has created a shaped watch of an elegant pedigree, whose lines construct a modern signature style. Drive is the perfect example of our vision of masculine style.” says Arnaud Carrez, international marketing and communication director at Cartier.

Cartier Drive Collection
Cartier Drive Collection

Cartier Drive CollectionCartier Drive Collection

Cartier Drive CollectionCartier Drive Collection

Cartier Drive CollectionCartier Drive Collection

The clock is thin enough to wear as a dress style, but not too stylish not to be worn on a weekend trip.

Drive de Cartier will be available in May in two versions: an attractively priced stainless steel (white and black dial) and 18-karat pink gold (also with white or black dial).

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