There are certain types of watches that fall into the category of “high jewelry”, watches that are encumbered in so many karats that it gets to be quite difficult to admire the timepiece.

If now there is a trend in the world of watches to emphasize the limited editions, in the world of “high jewelry”, only one timepiece counts.

Chopard’s Imperiale Joaillerie

The new watch from Chopard, Imperiale Joaillerie, is composed of 581 sapphires, totalling 47.98 karats. Also, the crown and lug covers are set with amethysts.

This complex placement creates a rainbow effect of shimmering color.

Hublot haute joaillerie collection

Hublot celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Big Bang clock model by launching the haute joaillerie collection of 10 timepieces, each with a price tag of $1m.

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Graff Snowball

About five years ago, Graff has revolutionized the watch industry by creating a mosaic pattern that allows the use of smaller stones. That has reduced the cost of a watch from $ 2.2m to a more reasonable price of … $ 1.2m.

Bulgari Incanti Tourbillon Lumiere

The Incanti Tourbillon Lumiere from Bulgari highlights the rare ability to combine expertise in stone-setting and in the mechanics of fine watchmaking.

“That combination of skills is something very few companies can do”, says Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari.

Harry Winston Twist 

This watch has 70 marquise-cut rubies, 61 baguette-cut diamonds and 50 marquise-cut diamonds. The bracelet has another 110 rubies and 178 white diamonds. Is there a spot where you cannot find a diamond or a ruby?

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The Princess Butterfly by Gaff

The wings of this design are created from sapphires and the butterfly’s body is made of diamonds. When you open it, you find a 17mm watch. To see how it works, click here.

Chanel’s Signature de Saphir

Signature de Saphir and Signature Duo from Chanel are covered with 1.566 diamonds and employ a quartz movement. This demonstrates Chanel’s skills in combining an excuisite design with the mechanisc of watchmaking.

The new crystal-cased Astronomia Clarity from Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co refreshed the direction for jewelry pieces among men. This watch highlights, in this world of “high jewelry”, that less can actually mean more.

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