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In a speech at the CIA headquarters after the official inauguration, Donald Trump said it would build the intelligence agency a room without columns, referring to the so-called fifth column, a term that describes a group of people that undermines another bigger group or state.

The first official visit of Donald Trump as president of the US was right at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Between Trump and former CIA director, John Brennan, a war of accusations has started during the election campaign that brought into power the American tycoon. 

Unusually for the USA, the conflict has continued even after the victory of Trump in the election. The most significant episode is the leak to the media of an alleged report, that Trump was accused of having relations with women in Moscow, and that he was blackmailed by Russia.

Trump, in turn, threatened to reduce the staff in the CIA, criticizing some actions the agency made.

But Saturday, immediately after his inauguration, Trump visited the CIA and has sprinkled his speach with tough and bizarre messages for the agency’s management.

At the end of the speech addressed Saturday by Donald Trump in a room in which there were 400 employees of the CIA, the new US president said he could build for the intelligence agency a larger room in which “we won’t have columns, you understand that? “.

The bizarre and emphasized allusion that Trump made about the columns inside the CIA, was interpreted by conspiracy theorists as a reference to a “fifth column” within the Agency. 

In other words, a group inside the CIA undermining from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or an enemy nation.

Trump has promised to support the work of the CIA, but he repeated the message so much that these word caught people’s attention.

Another bizarre moment was the one when the new US president also mentioned that he will certainly return to the CIA.

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