By Sherry Wang 4:26 pm PST

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, zodiac sign of Rabbit, Chicken, Horse, Mouse, and Dragon are all in the “Offend Tai Sui” position. As people look towards the coming new year, fortune forecasts arrive as well. Below are the predictions of fortune for all zodiac signs with suggestions to help you make your new year more auspicious.

Rat, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |
Rat, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


The Rat will have mixed fortunes in 2023 due to the interference of the “punish tai sui.” In other words, you will encounter obstacles and difficulties in most of the things you do. The events that you encounter may seem smooth, but the process of solving them will be rather difficult. You need to pay attention to lawsuits, business situations, and relationship obstacles. If the situation is stubbornly resistant to change, you may want to renovate your home or add and change the decorations.

Rat, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


The year 2023 will be a stable year for the Ox with no major undulations. There are no obvious advantages in romance, wealth, or relations, and there are no obvious signs of illness, trouble, or misfortune. Therefore, if you want to achieve great things this year, it is best to rely on yourself. You should plan more, perform solid work, and pay more attention to the truth of treating people in relations with other people. Everything else will naturally give you good results.

Tiger, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


Compared to previous years, 2023 will be a new start for the Tiger, and the luck will be more stable. Although there is no significant progress, it will be a year of stable growth. In this year, the Tiger will gradually move away from the villains around them, and good people will come; thus, there will be more people to help them when in crisis. But you need to pay attention to lawsuit situations. Do not wander into the gray areas within romantic relationships. There will be a new person appearing, so be sure to treat each other with sincerity in order to give each other a good impression. There will be a chance of a developing relationship over time.

Rabbit, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


2023 is the year of the Rabbit. This year is a “offend tai sui” year, characterized by sudden changes in fortune, which may lead to extreme good or bad fortune, depending on each individual. For the Rabbit, this is the year to pursue pleasant events, including marriage, new pregnancy, starting a business, changing jobs or relocating. Doing so will help turn bad luck into good luck. In addition, you should also beware of accidents or unexpected events in the case of traveling, driving, and financial situations. In terms of friendships and romantic relationships, you may encounter conflicts, quarrels and break-ups, which will have a big impact on your life and make your emotions fluctuate easily.

Dragon, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


In 2023, the Dragon will have a “harm Tai Sui” situation. The overall fortune for the Dragon is relatively stable. Even if you want to stand out, you will not be appreciated, and you may appear to be slightly helpless. Whether it is career, romantic relationships, or wealth, it is not recommended to overextend the use of resources; otherwise, it is easy to make mistakes in judgment and cause damage. Personal relationships will be affected and may regress, so pay more attention to communication with others. In the workplace, it is suggested for you to be mostly quiet and not to appear indecisive, which will stir things up.

Snake, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


The Snake’s fortune in 2023 will be quite bumpy. Your attitude will determine whether you can get out of trouble or move to a higher place. This year, you should be careful about illnesses, especially those caused by lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, eating lavishly, overindulgence, staying up late, working overtime, etc. You should also look out for epidemic-related diseases. In addition, there will be excessive competition in the workplace, but as long as you focus on what you should pay attention to, you will most likely be able to pass without danger.

Horse, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


In 2023, the Horse has a “break tai sui” situation, which will cause them to be more affected by personal relationships and emotional shifts. Overall, though, it is a year with new opportunities. Whether a new pattern can be created depends on whether the Horse can grasp those opportunities. Work and career prospects are bright; there will be new stages, new situations, new people and things, so you should know how to control your emotions. Once you keep the good people, career luck will follow. In addition, learn to identify good mentors and friends.

Sheep, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


In 2023, the Sheep are in a triple conjunction with the Rabbit, so the overall luck of the Sheep is relatively smooth and will develop upward gradually. You will often encounter people who can help you, whether they provide practical help or advice. So even if a downturn does come, there will be people around to help. However, you need to pay attention to the mental situation and avoid excessive negative thoughts and mindsets during the downturn.

Monkey, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


In 2023, the Monkey will have good luck overall. There will be good opportunities at work. If you want to change jobs, you may want to watch carefully. If you find a new company, be ready to switch companies, and there will be a good possibility of change in positive fortune. In terms of learning achievements, there will be good opportunities for further education. As long as you uphold positive ideas, it will not be too difficult to get good results. However, in terms of relationships, you need to pay attention to the possibility of unfavorable friendships, which can easily lead to negative ideas about yourself.

Chicken, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


This year will be the year of the “flush tai sui,” and the Chicken’s overall luck in all aspects will be more fluctuating and extreme. However, there is still a chance of getting in a romantic relationship, but you need to put more effort to break through the obstacles; in addition, although there are good opportunities in your career, you need to show courage to gradually remove the obstacles. If you continue to feel bad, you may wish to apply for a business trip or move to a new working environment; short-term financial investment is not recommended in order to pass the year peacefully.

Dog, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


In 2023, the Dog will have good luck overall along with the Rabbit. In terms of romance, especially for single people, there is a chance to meet a good match in the group of friends around you. You need to pay attention to small mistakes in business, but there is no need to be too frustrated. You will deal with more things with rationality. In terms of health, you need to pay attention to the transformation of the seasons, minor colds due to negligence, and so on. Although being in a year of good fortune, the Dog’s own heart is the most reliable.

Pig, Chinese 12 year of animals. (photo:© Bearflower |


In 2023, the Pig is exactly conjunct the Rabbit, and its overall fortune will be improved by the influence of tai sui. This sign is better than other zodiac signs, bringing the Pig more romantic opportunities and friendly acquaintances. It will become easy to get along with others and reduce conflicts. Workers will be promoted in their positions and receive the opportunity of salary raises. For business owners, fortune will also increase greatly, bringing good customers and an increase in reputation.