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Apparently we might think this is an absolutely trivial and even ridiculous question. But certainly not everyone knows how to wear a watch, since mistakes can be observed everywhere. 

Because it is an accessory more special than any other and can attract a lot of attention, it is important that we wear it in an exemplary manner. In fashion there are no written rules, but they were engraved in people’s minds over the course of time, as a standard of good taste and elegance.

First we must know that watches are worn on the left hand. This applies whether we are talking about women’s or men’s watches. The explanation for this is very simple: it’s about convenience and nothing else. 

Most people are right-handed and it is much easier to turn the clock, to open or close its strap and to generally maneuver it. Of course, in the case of left-handed people, it’s just the opposite. 

Another argument for which it is advisable to wear the watch on your left hand, is that it will be somewhat protected from possible accidents, given that the right hand is used for all sorts of tasks.

The next “rule” on our list has to do with the size of the watch dial. In the case of women’s watches, you can’t find oversized dials very often, because it assumes that women have smaller and more delicate hands. So if you have a thin wrist, the watch dial should not exceed the width of your wrist. Otherwise you risk to look like a child wearing an adult’s watch.

Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is how tight you wear your watch. It’s good to not tighten the strap too much, primarily because it’s not good for the blood circulation and because it will make your hand movement difficult. 

Watches that have leather straps or other similar materials, should stay fixed, but not tight. It should not slip over your wrist when you leave your arm hanging and it shouldn’t leave marks on your skin when you take it off. Things stay the same also in the case of watches that have a metal bracelet.

If you want to get fancy, you can forget about these rules, but in situations where you want to make a good impression, it is recommended to keep them in mind. Always remember that details make a difference.

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