By Anthony Miller 6:09 pm PST

Raphael Sanzio, or simply Raphael, was an Italian Renaissance architect and painter. Considered a child prodigy, in his brief career spanning only two decades, Raphael shaped the course of Western culture like few artists before or since.
In this video, explore Raphael’s entire career, examining his celebrated paintings and drawings, as well as his architectural, poetic and design work for sculptures, tapestries and prints. It is narrated by the curator of ‘The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Raphael’ Matthias Wivel.

Self-portrait, Raphael. Part of Collection of Self-Portraits in the Uffizi Gallery. Description Self-portrait of Raphael, aged approximately 23. Date between 1504 and 1506. Medium tempera on panel . Dimensions height: 47.5 cm (18.7 in) Edit this at Wikidata; width: 33 cm (12.9 in). (Photo: Wikimedia Commons )