By Jao Tsung-I 7:52 am PST

Intriguing flowers in exotic lands,

planted next to a garden pond,

Under the lonely moon,

put forth frost-like stamens and pistils.

Fragrance perfuming dewdrops,

floral shadow reflects faint moonlight,

Withering in one night, faded blossom saddens eyes.

With snow-like purity, unwilling to vie with floral beauties,

She left the earth obscurely, returning to the cosmos.

The cosmos being boundless,

Heavenly Law seems remote and infinite.

Constant rise and fall in life,

illusions are unpredictably dissolved.

A millennium is never enough for cultivation,

ending in the wink of an eye.

Once a sensible mind resolves the mystery,

everlasting peace is attained.

With unstrained wine to entertain myself,

then retaining a never-ending night.