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Right in the heart of Sweden, at the northern tip of Lake Vättern lies Askersund.

Askersund is a small, idyllic, lakeside town with a quaint, intimate atmosphere. The city has charming wooden buildings with inviting cafés, shops and walks are just a stone’s throw from the spectacular but little known cluster of some 50 islands that make up the archipelago of northern lake Vättern. You can also find many peaceful walking trails and nature reserves with beautiful views in the area. Both large and small events give the town its vibrancy, and the new Sjöängen cultural centre attracts audinces with performances and exhibitions all year round.

Askersunds harbor

Askersunds harbor is welcoming with its restaurants and cafés, small handicraft stalls, exhibitions and kiosks. It has a guest harbor, central caravan park and cosy accommodation. Step a board the sightseeing ship, The M/S Wettervik, and go out into Northern Vätterns beautiful archipelago or have a stroll across the charming footbridge to Borgmästareholmen and take advantage of outdoor activities – hire a cycle or kayak, stay on an island in the centre of the town or en enjoy a refreshing dip at the bathing site att the shore. Spread out your picnic blanket beside the strand with wonderful  green spaces with views over Stjernsund Castle and the boating activities around the town. The Oden II playground. The towns much loved climbing tree, the boules court and Hagabadet bathing site invite everyone to play, and the minitrain puffs its way. It runs between the harbor and the beautiful community centre at Statsparken Park.

The town Askersund traces its origin from the 14th century. In 1643, it was significant enough to receive its charter as one of the cities in Sweden. Despite its small size, Askersund is for historical reasons normally still referred to as a city, although Statistics Sweden nowadays defines a city as a locality with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

In the 19th century, Askersund was planned to be the site of one of the two supply fortresses for Karlsborg Fortress, located on an island in Lake Vättern, now belonging to Karlsborg Municipality. In 1812, Askersunds flickskola, the second institution to give females higher education in Sweden, was founded in Askersund.

Many traditions and festivals that are celebrated in Sweden come from religion. Some traditions have a Christian background. Some come from the time when people in Sweden had several gods, for example Thor and Odin. Today religious traditions and festivals are mainly holidays when people meet their families and friends.

Christenings, weddings, birthdays and funerals are events associated with special ceremonies during a person’s life.

New Year’s Eve, Easter, Midsummer’s Eve and Christmas are some of the festivals celebrated in Sweden. Then most people are off work.

Askersund Country Church

The magnificient church silhouette rises at the southern entrance to Askersund. Called the ”Knight Island Church of the countryside” by the swedish poet Verner von Heidenstam, Askersund Country Church is a fine example of Swedish 17th century imperial architecture.

The Church has a close connection Stjernsund Castle and the Oxenstierna- Soop family, who funded the church. When the country church was finished in 1670 it replaced a medieval wooden church that had been destroyed by a devastating lightning strike. During summer, the church doors are open and welcoming your visit.

Hope we meet in Askersund!

by: Pernilla Gäverth