By Tim Gebhart 7:56 pm PST

In a marriage of soulful, poetic ruminations, and introspection by Yo-Yo Ma, one of the world’s most recognized musicians, “Beginner’s Mind,” an Audible original audiobook is a treat for fans of Yo-Yo Ma’s work and anyone with a soul yearning for inspiration, optimism, and a vision of what humanity can be. In his short audiobook, he touches on a few of the key moments in his life, and as per what the title of the book suggests, he explores and discusses what he calls the “beginner’s mind.” 

In the audiobook, Yo-Yo Ma dives deeply into contemplation into his childhood and his early start in life as a musician, it is a reflection that spurned the phrase, a “beginner’s mind.” The “beginner’s mind” is a state of mind with child-like wonder, as Yo-Yo Ma stated, “it is that you get to be receptive to what’s around you. It allows you to be present without judgment.”

Also delving into the many chapters of his life, interspersed with beautiful tracks of his music, Yo-Yo Ma also gives us a glimpse into the mind of a seasoned musician who has spent over 40+ years on his craft. His successful career as a musician, one gets the sense, has been made possible by his love of life and ever curious mind. We get to, for a brief moment in this audiobook, see into his deeply focused, thoughtful, and compassionate world where he passionately tries to connect to others and understand the world through his music. 

Yo-Yo Ma’s reflections in his audiobook will no doubt stir your soul and leave you with an enchanted and inspired view of life and of humanity. 

One reviewer eloquently stated of the “Beginner’s Mind,” “‘Simply beautifully, deeply humane.. The narratives highlight a reverence for life’s unfolding as guided by the returns of being in awe, moved and curious about people, the natural world and the hopes of reducing others’ strife – and the power of music and art in all that ties us to each other, nature and the expansion of what sustains a better life for each other.”

The Beginner’s Mind is free on Audible.