By Evangelina Taurizano 11:37 pm PST

We have been wondering for a long time what happens to the information we upload and publish on our social media accounts.

What kind of people administer and manage everything we upload, and for what?

Great questions! Complaints, Section 230 and congressional hearings have been debated during the former Trump presidency period. While congress is investigating Twitter and Facebook, Trump mainly targeted two major social media Apps of Chinese origin, WeChat and TikTok.

Both networks are suspected of being run by the Chinese Communist Party to collect important personal information from the citizens of the United States. For more information, please read the following article:

From WeChat to Tiktok -Why the U.S. Should Sever Chinese Apps

Claudia Conway is the daughter of Donald Trump former adviser, Kellyanne Conway, and his staunch opponent, George Conway who manages the republican’s Lincoln Project which was created to destroy Trump.

The young woman has achieved great popularity on TikTok, where she has more than a million followers.

Her life, the relationship with her parents, everything can be seen on her account by millions, and most them are unknown to her. As she grows up, her political position and thoughts on the matters have been widely exposed and judged on the net. She has even claimed in one of her posts “to have been cured of her radical leftism.” Like many other teenagers, when she isn’t in the classroom, she is basically busy making her posts and videos for Tiktok, instead of speaking with her parents or siblings at home. Her life has been occupied with this virtual world of praises that Tiktok invented for the American teens.

Mysteriously, on Monday, January 25, 2021, after the 16-year-old published a video where she was supposed to be having some family argument, a photo of Claudia, half-naked, appeared on Kellyanne Conway’s Tweet account which gathers 4.4 million followers along with the world famous and powerful.

Most everybody knows that federal law “prohibits the production, distribution, receipt and possession of a child pornography image and any violation of the federal child pornography law is a serious offense” and “convicted criminals face severe legal penalties.”

That is why the former presidential adviser is being investigated by local police. The investigation began after Claudia Conway spoke on her TikTok account about the fact that her photo with a naked torso had appeared on her mother’s Twitter feed.

Now, rethink what we have been thinking about. Who accesses our information? Who reads what our political, social and even sexual preferences are? Who has access to that amount of data that we upload every day without seriously thinking about where it goes?

You might find some answers from The Social Dilemma, a documentary currently on Netflix.

Surely the complex relationship of parents with their teenage children is not the best, but this is a common issue transpiring every family.

Now, is this a reason for a woman like Kellyanne Conway to post a photo exposing her daughter? Later, Claudia claimed that her mother’s Twitter account was hacked.

Furthermore, we must not forget that in August 2020, the former presidential adviser decided to abandon her fundamental position in the White House, in the middle of the campaign for Trump’s re-election, alleging the need to be closer to her four children.

Perhaps, I think Kellyanne Conway did not even know about such a picture from her daughter. In reality, if we think more deeply, the photo shouldn’t even have existed.

For what purpose does a 16-year-old girl take a photo with a naked torso? Where does she get those kinds of ideas? How does TikTok, one of the most popular apps among children and adolescents today, handle material with sexual content, specifically since most of its customers are teenagers?

Fiction or reality, the truth is that this subject of the photo goes far beyond a simple argument between mother and daughter.

What is behind it, perhaps we will find out with the investigation that is being carried out. But at first view, it seems to be more than suspicious.

And I promise you, to be continued.