4:35 pm PST

After several years of drought the Golden state of California is once again in bloom.  Plagued for three years without rain this past winter’s  onslaught of wind, rain and rising tides has revitalized nature in wondrous ways.

Mountains are in coming alive in brilliant shades of yellow, white and purple.

While most Californians are strangers to this unseasonal weather it is welcomed with open arms and joyous hearts.

Record snow falls are at the heart of ending the long-term drought that troubled the golden state of California’s for more than three years.

Under the worst conditions the statewide drought which covered more than two-thirds of California’s beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys.

A series of record snow falls fueled by ‘atmospheric rivers’ have done the work that was expected by El Nino in 2015/2016.  In addition these rain storms that caused flooding and mud slides filled reservoirs and lakes.  As well as the Sierra Nevada Mountains seeing historical  amounts of snow which caused a boon to local ski resorts.

It’s official – more snow fell in the beginning 2017 than any other month in Mammoth Mountain’s recorded history with more than 20 feet.