By Akerele Christabel 3:48 pm PST

Mr. David Grusch said he was “absolutely certain” the US government is in possession of alien items. Mr David Grusch who had spent 14 years as an intelligence official with the national airforce faced the law making body of the United States of America – The Congress –  on Thursday 27th July, 2023. The hearing set up last week because of increased attention on reported sightings of UFOs – officially known as unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs.

The session was held by the House Oversight Committee, which has the US national security and foreign affairs as its responsibility. It was before this committee that Mr Grusch gave his shocking testimony.

He affirmed the suspicions of the majority on UFO sightings in the past years. The US government had encountered alien spaceships or “vehicles”, as Grusch called them, and it was in possession of it. Along side with him was an ex-Navy official who revealed that the government was hiding “crucial information” about UFO sightings.

Congress later prodded the former Intel man for more information on his claims.

He was asked if the pilots who flew the craft were found. In response, the testifier stated that biologics were also found with the remains of the downed spacecrafts. At the behest of a congressman, Grusch confirmed those biologics to be “non-human” as he prefered to call them instead of alien and extraterrestrial.

Mr Grusch, however admitted that he had not personally spotted a UAP. But he was armed with the evidence  of “multiple colleagues” who were injured by UAPs, putting forward interviews with 40 witnesses over a four-year period.

During his time in the military, Mr Grusch had access to opportunities at the frontline of America’s dealings with the rest of the universe. He led Defence Department efforts to analyse reported UAP sightings and was informed of a programme aimed at collecting and reconstructing crashed spacecraft.

According to him, the programme had been running for decades and was concealed by the US.

In response to the question of whether the US government had information about extraterrestrial life, Mr Grusch claimed it was likely the US had been aware of “non-human” activity since the 1930s.

The Pentagon firmly denied Mr Grusch’s claims of a cover-up. This was a stance they revealedIn a statement by the Defence Department spokeswoman, Sue Gough. She said investigators have not discovered “any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programmes regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.”

In February, 2023, the Pentagon were reported to have encountered UAPs that turned off the knocked out the country’s nuclear weapons, another pointer to the more advancd technology the green guys had at their disposal. This and many other sightings have set up an endless trail of suspicions, theories and conspiracies on the issue of the UFOs. Among the most active on the planet were American citizens themselves. Interest in the subject has been so high that NASA held its first public meeting on the issue earlier this year.

This set up a chain of reactions from the American citizens.Joe Biden’s administration has faced seemingly endless calls to declassify documents related to UFOs,. This month the Senate introduced an amendment to annual defence policy legislation that seeks to have that passed into law.

Although a panel of scientists and retired astronauts confirmed that there had been a spike in sightings, it believed only a small fraction contained signals which could be deemed “anomalous”.

However this small fraction that contained anomalous signal has not gone unnoticed by the United States public. As one continues to study the subject of extraterrestrial Ife, one seems to open a Pandora’s box of questions.

“Are aliens here already?”

“What do they want from this planet?”

Along with these, many more questions for which answers do not yet exist are being asked with each discovery of extraterrestrial spacecrafts.  At the same time, new theories are fabricated one after the other and sold to the populace in form of movies, books etc cetera.

One of the most popular theories posit that aliens are already among us, especially in the upper echelons of human life. This school of thought sees aliens as puppeteers pulling the strings behind Earth’s governments. It is believed that aliens, being a far more advanced civilization, possess the ability to steer the planet’s administration from the shadows. As for how true that is, it remains to be seen.