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It is very important to know how to combine colors, especially when matching skin and hair color. Therefore, among other golden rules in beauty, there’s one that is essential: choose hair dye according to skin tone.

There are women who look surprisingly well with any shade of paint, even if they choose to be blondes, redheads or brunettes. 

Unfortunately, this is not true for most of us. It requires a little imagination exercise: you are a natural brunette; now imagine how you would look with blonde hair. 

Don’t like it that much, huh?

Choose hair dye with no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural color.

We all know what hair color suit us and which ones we need to keep away from. But often our choices are subjective, and we buy a hair dye that recently appeared on the market and we want to try it, or we saw an advertisement which has convinced us of the qualities of a product, or because our friend looks very good with it and receives a lot of attention.

Hair-stylists advise us to not randomly choose our hair dye. The advice is to choose the tone according to the color of our skin, so there is harmony between the two. 

The first and perhaps most important rule that you have to keep in mind: Do not choose hair dye with more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural shade. 

In addition, to make the best choice, you have to know exactly what skin color you have.

Beauty specialists divided skin tone into two categories: cool tones and warm tones. Below we show you how to identify which category you belong to, and the main hair colors that fits you.

1. Skin with cool tones

The features are as follows: brown, black or dark blue eyes, dark natural hair color, dark, brown or dark blond hair, and white skin color with pink tones, pale colorless cheeks, pinkish, medium or olive. 

If you have at least two of these qualities, then you have a cool skin tone. 

Another way to identify your skin type, which I thought was interesting, is to observe the color of the veins in your wrists. If your veins are blue, it means that your skin has cool tones.

The recommended hair colors are black with bluish or reddish reflexes, chocolate, brown, gray blonde or white blonde. 

Avoid: intense red and all other colors derived from red (coppery).

2. Skin with warm tones

It is characterized by: green, light blue or brown eyes, natural brown, red, light blonde or copper blonde hair color, medium skin with pink or yellow tones, pale with golden and peach tones, with freckles. 

In this case, you can experiment with the veins color test: so if your veins tend to be more green, it means you have a warm skin tone.

The colors suitable for skin with warm tones: gold, which is part of the blond category, but also light brown, brown and red. In general, you will look well with any hair color that has a yellow-reddish base. 

Avoid: gray colors and those with bluish and purple shades.

What other advices would you give us in terms of matching skin with hair color? Thanks!

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