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On the market, you will find a lot of expensive perfumes with a very wide range of flavors, shapes and colors, but there is a risk that some of them might be counterfeit. 

Have you ever wondered how to distinguish an original from a face perfume? It is very important to pay attention to details and read each product’s label.

If you want to buy a perfume, it is recommended to only visit authorized stores. However, there is a risk that counterfeit perfumes arrive on the shelves of major cosmetics stores, so it’s good to know how to distinguish a fake perfume.

1. Find the serial number and compare it with the one issued by the producing company

The serial number should be engraved, not glued on the bottom of the perfume bottle. It must match the serial number that is printed on the perfume‘s box.

2. Pay attention to the color!

Major perfume companies do not use many colors when producing a fragrance, so you should know that the perfume will always have a pale color. If it is very dark, it’s a big chance it might be fake.

3. Check the packaging

Each perfume comes packaged in a box wrapped in cellophane transparent material, with firmly bonded edges. If the packaging shows mild or more severe changes, it is a sign that you got a fake perfume. An original package hasn’t got any imperfections of any kind.

4. Pay attention to the inside of the box

Original packaging is made from a resistant cardboard, which protects the perfume bottle. The cardboard from inside the box is white, not gray or other colors. This detail is important to check before you buy an expensive perfume.

5. A perfume has a unique design

On the shelves of major cosmetics stores, you can find many expensive perfumes. They are very attractive, have a nice design and a genuine smell. Look carefully at the shape of the perfume bottle and make sure it matches the image on the company’s website.

6. Read the labels and markings on the packaging

On the back of the box of a perfume, you can find all the information about the company, so go to the manufacturer’s website and check whether the images on the packaging match those shown on the company’s website. It is recommended to pay attention even to the smallest details, such as a punctuation mark or text that should not be there.

7. The cap must be symmetrical

An original perfume bottle has a unique design, and the cap must be symmetrical. Make sure that the perfume you want to buy corresponds to the image presented on the website.

8. Pay attention to the perfume bottle!

The edges of the original perfume bottles are finished and have no scratches, so it is good to check the surface and texture of the glass to make sure it does not have any changes.

How to you distinguish an original from a fake perfume? Leave us a comment bellow.

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