By Staff Reporter 3:32 am PST

The Impressions of the World exhibition celebrates cultural heritage and social diversity while revitalizing and fostering artistic talents within communities across California.

To engage broader audiences and underserved communities, the exhibiton featured at venues that are part of everyday life, in small towns where there is lack of access to fine art, as well as hospitals where good arts can create a healing space, hotels where visitors can take a moment of reflection through the arts, local coffee shops, restaurants, etc. In these communities, the arts can be a part of people’s daily lives to help uplift their spirits and expand their horizons.

Launched in 2019 by New San Cai, the non-profit cultural media organization based in California, the exhibition invites artists of all backgrounds and ages to showcase their own cultures and heritage through the medium of art. Featuring both established and emerging artists, as well as artists immigrant or refugees of other countries, our project opens a new window of opportunities for everyone. The collections of age range of our artists is from 12 to 80 years old. The exhibition reaches art colleges, high schools, and local art academies.

Alongside with exhibitions, Art Talk series feature artists to share their exceptional discoveries and understandings on the representation of culture, history, and livelihood through the arts. The exhibition showcases simultaneously online and on-site.