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Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the first the Impressions of the World Exhibition took place at the popular Philz Coffee in Encinitas, a small beach town 25 miles north of San Diego. The six selected paintings from the exhibition were first featured at the coffee shop lobby when its first opened to public. The paintings were well received by locals who were excited at the opportunity and to be in touch with the arts after prolonged closure due to the statewide pandemic shutdown. The exhibition brings back some normalcy and color to the local community, and help people to reconnect with the outside of the world through arts.

Impressions of the World Exhibition took place in the Philz Coffee in Encinitas during April of 2021. Encinitas, a small beach town 25 miles north of San Diego. ©The Middle Land

The fine arts are a valuable form of communication and connection between people from all walks of life and cultures. The Impressions of the World Exhibition celebrates the fine arts from both Eastern and Western artists who utilize, showcase, and continue passing on their unique traditions and skills in painting.

A visitor, Dylan Zdon said of the exhibit, “Every painting will mean something different to each person.” Upon viewing artist Ren Liu’s Chanting, a part of his Tibetan oil painting series, he commented, “There could be a spiritual meaning to one person, and a memory of a grandparent to another. When we dig deeper, we might find more of meaning and intention of the painting to the artist.”

The artworks on display can be purchased to help the artists continue to share their skills and wisdom with the world. The inquire can be made to:

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