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The Simi Valley is a good place for traveler,naturist,history buff, art enthusiast,golf lover.Image Credit: Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

Located in between the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills of California, Simi Valley is a city that roughly 127,000 people call home. Yet in Simi Valley, everyone, not just the locals, tend to feel right at home.

Simi Valley (pronounced “suh-MEE” rather than SEE-mee), gains its name from the Chumash Indian word “Shimiyi” – which means little white clouds. In a way, the name is very fitting, as it reflects the blank canvass of possibilities that the city offers all of its residents. Because in Simi Valley, there is something for everyone.

Image Credit: Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

For the worn and weary traveler…

Simi Valley has been named one of the happiest cities in the country. In a 2013 study, researchers at the University of Vermont conducted a comprehensive analysis of over 10 million tweets in order to determine which U.S. cities appeared to be the happiest. They used a gauge called a ‘hedonometer’ to identify the frequency of nearly 10,000 happy and sad words used in tweets. Based on the findings, Simi Valley was found to be the 8th happiest city in the U.S. So if the Twitter feed is any indication, then visiting Simi Valley is sure to put a smile on the face of even the gloomiest of visitors.

Image Credit: Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

For the naturist…
The city is a hotspot for hiking and outdoors adventures. Visit Rocky Peak Park, and along your hike you will see enchanting sandstone caves and striking rock formations. Take a stroll through the Chumash Trail, and you will enjoy beautiful wild flowers and luscious green hills in the springtime – not to mention a panoramic view of the city. Whether it is walking, running, biking or horseback riding, Simi Valley offers plenty of ways to get outside and connect with nature.

Image Credit: Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

For the history buff…

Former U. S. President Ronald Reagan once said this about Simi Valley: “This will be my shining city on a hill.” Indeed, the city is proud residence of the Reagan Library, which remains the most visited Presidential Library in the country (over one million visits annually). The library sits on top of a hill, with stunning views of the Valley and Santa Monica Mountains. It is the only library that houses a real Air Force One Airplane. Visitors can actually walk onboard the aircraft that once flew seven U.S. presidents.

Image Credit: Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

For the kids and the young at heart…

Since opening in 1997, the Skatelab indoor skate park and museum has been a popular Simi Valley destination for skateboard enthusiasts and curious newcomers. Open seven days a week, the park hosts 300,000 skateboarders each year. Skatelab Museum holds more than 5000 vintage skateboards. Visitors can explore the history of the sport with rare memorabilia, and get to know the skating legends in Hall of Fame. For those interested in learning how to ride a skateboard, please check their schedule for introductory classes.

Image Credit: Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

For the art enthusiast…

Simi Valley is home to one California’s most treasured folk-art sites. Grandma Prisbey’s Bottle Village is a site to behold. The artwork consists of color-coded shrines, walkways, sculptures and buildings that are entirely made of recycled bottles, tiles and other items. Teresa Prisbey built this village of bottles by hand, devotedly working on the project over the course of 25 years (1956 to 1981). Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Ms. Prisbey did not begin the project until she was already 60 years old.

Image Credit: Grandma Prisbey’s Bottle Village

For the golf lover…

In Simi Valley, if you are a golf enthusiast who loves challenge, you will undoubtedly enjoy playing a few rounds at Tierra Rejada Golf Club’s championship course for a thoroughly rewarding golf experience. If you are looking for a memorable experience of golf at a world-class course, Moorpark Country Club is the perfect choice with lots of recommendations from professional media.

Visit Simi Valley, and find your own piece of the sky.