By Pernilla Gäverth 7:45 pm PST

Another year has passed. 2021, which already seems to have gone down in history in so many different ways, is suffering towards the end and soon 2022 is here. 2021 was the year when a lot changed, both outside and within us. Some may have undergone greater transformations than others, but what we can all certainly agree on is that the changes that have taken place this year will have a great impact and significance for the coming years. For 2021, the year was when our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs about the world around us came to a real turning point.

Things fell into place, the pieces of the puzzle were brought closer together and the corrupt system we have long known we live in began to openly show its true self

In Sweden, we end the year in much the same way we started it – with intimidation media news, restrictions and lockdowns. The societies trumpet out how dangerous various virus variants are and comfort the frightened people with the fact that if they just do as they are told, everything will be fine again.

The majority of the population has also gone and tested themselves every now and then, both at health centers and at home, isolated themselves from the outside world.

But what do I know! I’m just an ordinary woman who likes to spend time in the forest and nature every day, to get fresh air and sunlight.  I like to eat clean and locally grown food, excludes alcohol, sugar, tobacco and nicotine products from my life….

© Pernilla Gäverth

2021 has been the year when relationships with loved ones have come to the fore. Freezing, bullying and segregation in everyday life interspersed with medical apartheid, violations of human rights and freedoms and violations of patient and secrecy laws at the societal level. It’s a crazy world we live in and this has been a crazy year.

I do not usually get involved in the debate about vaccines as I find it highly uninteresting, but I now want, before we tie the knot, so to speak, to say a few concluding words about this endless debate. Never in the history of mankind have we ever been able to meet the demand for a single product in such a short time. Just look at, for example, remedies for many other things. “No, unfortunately, it’s out,” or “No, unfortunately it’s out of supplier, we do not know when we will get it in again,” or “It must be prescribed by a doctor.”

The same is true when it comes to other products such as the iPhone or Play Station – as soon as a new version is released, customers are in line and the waiting lists are so long that the manufacturers do not have time. That one can then satisfy larger parts of the entire world population with, not just one, but three injections of a vaccine per person for a year, which is just said to have been developed and produced should ring alarm bells even in the sleeping Svensson’s/Swedes ears.

But what is important to me in the end is not what happened out there, but what happened inside, in me. I have come to the conclusion that it is actually only me who can create my own reality and that it is only I who decides what my life should look like. This very approach will characterize large parts of my lifestyle in 2022.

So what do I think we should all bring with us into next year? The most important thing I think is to look after “my own/your own house”. Examine yourself and your values, your daily routines, your work, your dreams, visions and plans in life. Instead of refurnishing or replacing the wallpaper, you may want to check in the basement if the foundation needs to be refurbished or drained before continuing your renovation in the upper rooms. The real change takes place within you and it is only when the foundation is stable that the real work outwards can begin to take place…….

© Pernilla Gäverth