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Before you find out what indoor plants have the strongest therapeutic impact, we must remember a saying that goes like this: any medicine in excessive amounts can become poison, and any poison in minimal doses can become a cure.

Room plants are actually able to cure many diseases. They are able to strengthen our immune system, to improve out mood and purify the air in the rooms in which we spend most of our time. Plants give off special volatile substances that fight harmful microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, indoor plants have the ability to neutralize the negative effects of toxic compounds that can be found in houses: nitrogen, sulfur, phenol and formaldehyde. These harmful substances exist in huge amounts in electronic equipment, construction materials and furniture.

Chlorophytum is one of the best choices it you want to eliminate these harmful substances. It’s a plant that is not demanding and widespread. It exudes a special substance called fitoncide, that is able to disinfect and clean the air of germs and harmful compounds. The plant is easy to grow, requires no special care and can multiply rapidly.

Chlorophytum comosum

Next on our list are the citrus plants that are usually grown for their glossy leaves and juicy fruits. We must keep in mind, however, that not only the fruits are useful for our body. Essential oils emanating from these plants have a healing effect for the cardiovascular and nervous system. 

Volatile oils are spreading into the air and can cause low blood pressure, stimulate mental activity, increases the amplitude of the brain’s bio-currents, eliminate negative emotions, reduce anxiety, etc. Room citrus plants, particularly the lemon, have the ability to clean the air up to sterility. The following plants also have a positive effect: myrtle, eucalyptus, kalanchoe, sansevieria, etc.

Myrtus, with the common name myrtle



Sansevieria. Image courtesy: Martin Olsson (wikipedia commons)

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The geranium exists in virtually all homes and has the ability to prevent the reproduction of cancer cells. No wonder this plant is appreciated for a long time by the flower growers. It ionizes the air, reducing the effects of free radicals and fights germs. Geranium stimulates the adrenal glands, balances hormone secretion, relieves PMS and menopause, reduces the emission of adrenaline, fights depression, neurosis and calms you down.


Rosemary, mint, melissa and sage are particularly useful for patients with lung diseases and people prone to frequent colds and maxillary sinusitis.





Besides these medicinal effects, indoor plants ennobles the space, improving the mood of the occupants. The aesthetic effect implies that they have a positive impact on the functioning of all body systems.

We must remember that plants also need care. The leaves should always be clean, dust-free, the soil should be kept moist and fertilization should be done in accordance with the recommendations of the experts and the plant’s needs. These being said, we can expect to see and feel the positive effects very soon.

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