By Video Editor 5:10 am PST

1960’s Beauty consultant Marla Craig dishes out some well worn advice to youg women. They are as relevant today.

“There are many do’s and don’ts,” says Marla “on the way to becoming a complete, attractive person.The more interested you are in the world around you,” advises Miss Craig “the more attractive you become” “The inner beauty” she emphasizes “is the most important. The healthy mind, being interested in life and in the arts.Caring for others and being involved in your community.

Being creative! An important part of beauty is a healthy mind. A healthy mind needs a healthy body, and a healthy body needs a good diet and exercise.”

Marla goes on to show how to behave in your social life. “All the makeup in the world, doesn’t make up for talking too much. Listening is often more appreciated than talking.” How many girls follow that rule these days?