1:42 pm PST

One day my son told me that I promised him he could do something, but later on I told him that he couldn’t and told him that I never agreed in the first place. He said to me, “Daddy, if you forgot what you said this morning and then later changed your mind, how can I believe anything you say in the future?”

As I was not able to react for a moment, he hastily added, “I was just repeating the words that daddy told me before.”  I immediately realized that what he said was right and replied, “I’m sorry son, I did’nt remember what I had said, so it’s my fault. If you heard me say that you could do it, then you can do it.”

The reason why I didn’t defend myself was because I believed that my son’s memory was definitely better than mine. Futhermore, I taught him to have integrity, otherwise no one will respect him in the future. If I d I will lost a respect from son.

Therefore, I immediately made an apologize to him,“It’s daddy’s fault, I will correct my mistake”.  on this way, I can let him have a right mind setting, otherwise, he would feel kid is always required from parents to be their way , but they  never have anything said wrong or doing something wrong,it surely will harm parents ruputation, they will not  respect you in future.

In today’s society, whether in politics or in trade marketing, people are dishonest and say one thing and do another with no sense of integrity. I realized that these situations happen to me, where I dislike a behavior but do it myself nonetheless. If I don’t have integrity, how can I face myself, much less educate my children?

Integrity-based, correct the mistake, that’s all

Writer :   Yuyu Chiang

Translation :  Ireen Chau