By Bethany Shepard 10:54 am PST

Greece is one of the youngest wine-producing areas in modern Europe, yet still, one of the oldest in the globe. While this article explores contemporary Greek wine, it is essential to highlight that the first evidence of wine from this region goes back to 6500 BCE.

In addition to its lengthy winemaking history, Greece is recognized for its ideal grape-growing conditions. This may be the key contributor for its continued rise in popularity in the present day, as the conditions of the climate and soils in which grapes are grown is crucial to making the highest quality wine.

Greek wine has experienced a renaissance in recent decades. Surprisingly, the Ottoman Empire nearly extinguished Greek wine when  the Turks outlawed its manufacture during their rule. This approximately 400-year period caused many winemakers to abandon their vineyards. However, the succession of new political regimes gave some relief to winemakers and consumers. Beginning in the 1970s, Greece, once again, regained its previous prominence in the winemaking industry. Modern Greek wine has restored the country to the top tier of wine-producing nations.

Greek wine comes in unique varieties. Even though modern Greek wines have only just begun to reach the rest of the world, they have been greeted with both satisfaction and envy. This is primarily due to the fact that modern Greek wine offers incredible value for the  money spent on a case or bottle, along with  intriguing new varieties to tantalize the taste buds. Greek wines are prize-winning. The wines in Greece have been award-winning, as seen by the plethora of international honors earned by Greek winemakers in recent years. This is undeniable proof that Greek wine is produced with the finest quality in mind.

Here are some of the best Greek wines to taste. If you have recently learned about modern Greek wine and are anxious to try a few of its varieties, here are some of the best.

Santorini-produced Assyrtiko wine:

The Assyrtiko wine of Santorini is arguably one of the best wines made in Greece. Unique to this variety is its ability to maintain acidity as it ripens, producing a lean, lemon-flavored white wine with a tinge of bitterness and a salty finish.


Malagousia epitomizes the modern renaissance of Greek wine; it exemplifies the extent to which Greek winemakers have rediscovered their potential over the past two decades.

Nemea Agiorgitiko wine:

Agiorgitiko is endemic to Nemea, the best-known wine region in the Peloponnese for this grape variety. Agiorgitiko wines are distinguished by their blackcurrant, sweet raspberry, and nutmeg notes, as well as their smooth tannins and slight bitter herbs.

Vino Vidiano di Crate:

Cretan producers saw Vidiano’s potential and strove to reintroduce it to the ranks of the world’s greatest wines. It is one of the oldest white grape varieties native to Crete and a rising star among the island’s native varieties.

Ancient Greek wines gave rise to today’s varieties, which have gained much popularity. Numerous wine connoisseurs from across the globe have vouched for the famed Greek wine of the modern era. Whether you’re celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or promotions, or you’re just sitting with friends, modern Greek wine can enliven your life and create lasting memories.