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A few steps away from the encounter between Star Wars and Ferrari, we find a vehicle like no other. 

Some people may argue that this is not actually a motorcycle. Well, ok, we understand that we don’t have 4 wheels as in the case of a car, and the third wheel is actually in the back of the vehicle. You also don’t have a roof so it’s pretty much an “open” experience. 

So what does that mean? It means that you get the stability of a car with a pretty good acceleration. What more do you need?

Slighshot is  a 3-wheel motorcycle, a reverse trike.

Image credit: New San Cai

Image credit: New San Cai

Image credit: New San Cai

Image credit: New San Cai

All models have a weight of 1,749 lbs with 173 HP, which gives this vehicle a good power/weight ratio. We won’t focus on numbers here as the experience and design make the difference.

The interior is weather proof just like a motorcycle, and behind the driver and passenger seat there is a storage compartment where you can fit a helmet. Yes, ignoring the steering wheel, you have to wear a helmet, because it’s required by law when you ride a motorcycle.

Yes, you might feel awkward wearing a helmet in something that feels so car-like, but I think it’s much better than risk any injury.

You can modify the position of the seat and of the steering wheel, with a windscreen that provides very good wind protection. It allows you to have a good conversation with your passenger, even with a full face helmet on. 

Although the vehicle has some systems that help you control it better, you can be sure that the fun factor will not be lost.  

If you like the openness of the cockpit, the wind coming around you while you enjoy the view and don’t mind a hard ride, you can drive this car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and really enjoy the journey.

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