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After Chaos Among the Peaches the Great Sage Steals the Pills, 
In the Revolt Against Heaven the Gods Capture the Demons

Since Monkey is idle and has nothing to do in Heaven, he is to administer the Peach Orchard. Anyone who eats of the peaches becomes an Immortal and understands the Way and one day Monkey tries some of the peaches. That same day, seven fairies come to pick peaches for the Queen Mother`s Peach Banquet and Monkey finds out that he is not invited. Feeling insulted, Monkey changes himself into the likeness of the Bare-foot Immortal who is invited to the banquet, and goes to Hall of Universal Brightness. The guest haven`t arrived yet and Monkey grabs rare delicacies and exotic foods and drinks from the vats and pots until he is completely drunk. He then goes to Lord Lao Zi’s palace in the Tsushita Heaven and there eats up his five gourds of pills of immortality. Quickly becoming sober because of the pills, Monkey realizes the colossal disaster of what he has done, leaves Heaven, and goes straight down to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.

The Jade Emperor, now furiously angry, orders the Four Great Heavenly Kings along with Heavenly King Li, and Prince Nezha to mobilize the Twenty-eight Constellations, the Nine Bright Shiners, the Twelve Gods of the Twelve Branches, the Revealers of the Truth of the Five Regions, the Four Duty Gods, the Constellations of the East and West, the Gods of the North and South, the Deities of the Five Mountains and the Four Rivers, the star ministers soldiers of all Heaven, and a total of a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers. They are to descend to the lower world with eighteen heaven-and-earth nets, surround the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, and capture that wretch for punishment. First the Nine Bright Shiners fight Monkey but have to flee from the battlefield, unable to defeat him. Heavenly King Li then sends the Four Heavenly Kings and the Twenty-eight Constellations into battle, but they are also forced to withdraw because the Monkey King is so ferocious.

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Journey to the West is one of the most famous novels in Chinese history. It was produced in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty. It has influenced countless other stories, works of art even in to the modern day, such as the anime Dragonball and the film The Forbidden Kingdom drawing inspiration from this classic.

The story follows the Tang Monk on his journey to India to obtain sacred Buddhist scriptures. Along the way he is joined by the magical Monkey King, a foolish Pig man, and the mighty Sand Monk. This article is part of a series by Walther Sell, summarizing the Chinese epic.

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