1:47 am PST

We only see the health and beauty of young people, but it is difficult to see where their beauty originates from. At a later age, a lot of things don’t matter as much, but sometimes things still seem unfair. Companies are always looking to hire young people and young people are more physically fit. Older people have worked for all their lives, but in the end they find that there’s nothing. Why is it like this? It is difficult to figure out.

Once you stop and think about it, it’ll eventually make sense. What are the differences between older people and the young people? Age, of course, is not the most prominent. Middle aged people have become more sly and bitter as they aged. They would understand anything before the words even come out of someone’s mouth, they would not be lied to, and they refuse to suffer even a little bit.  These are the main characteristics of the elderly.

Take a look at young people, they are one the epitome of sunshine, youth, and enthusiasm. They think the world is good, and the people in it are good and credible. They want to be friends with people all over the world. Sometimes when they help others, they don’t expect anything in return. As they speak, it’s like a flower blossoming on their face, compelling people to look twice.

If we were as kind as young people, maybe we will be like them: adored and eternally young.

The beauty of young people originates from their kindness, because kindness is written on the face – that is beautiful.

Translation:  Ireen Chau