By Video Editor 4:49 pm PST

Located 40,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Columba (The Dove), is the globular cluster Caldwell 73 or NGC 1851.

A globular cluster is a large spherical collection of stars that are gravitationally bound to each other. They generally orbit a galactic nucleus like a group of satellites.
Most of the stars are highly concentrated in the center by gravity, creating an image of large spherical shapes and relatively high stellar densities.

As the radar scans around this globular cluster it creates a sonification, the radius of the stars is assigned a pitch. Stars closer to the center sound lower in pitch while stars farther from the center sound higher in pitch.

The ensemble of the whole image turns the resulting sound into a chorus.
Likewise, the stars are represented according to their color by a musical instrument; orange and red stars are represented by a marimba, and blue stars are represented by a glockenspiel instrument.