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The Los Angeles Auto Show this year has been full of surprises. Top automotive brands have sought to emphasize their values and their vision of the future, through beautiful car models that charmed you with their curves and how they let the brand shine before the eyes of delighted spectators.

We encountered our first surprise when we just arrived. As we entered the area where the cars were, the first models we saw were the following:

Image credit: Vlad Negrila (New San Cai)

Image credit: Vlad Negrila (New San Cai)

Image credit: Vlad Negrila (New San Cai)

Image credit: Vlad Negrila (New San Cai)

Two Nissan cars that were accessorized and painted in a Star Wars theme, and a red Ferrari ….

We stopped, looked at them as a whole, then each of them individually, then again as a whole.  

We started thinking: “Why this combination?”. 

What did the organizers wanted to tell us by having brought together these cars, in one of the first places you see when you go to the Auto Show?

The two Nissan were very well done. The designers who have decorated them made sure to emphasize those elements from the film that, for connoisseurs, create the sensation of familiarity, spark in your mind scenes from the movie while you drift into the Star Wars world. Excellent color combination and placement of external accessories!

But then a red Ferrari appears in this scene … the Italian exotic car brand whose lines and curves easily take your imagination on a boulevard in Malibu, while you feel the leather seat and sporty steering wheel. The ocean waves gently caressing the shore while the engine purrs subtly.

The goal? Very simple! To intrigue you and make you curious. In fact, when something intrigues you, you immediately become curious and want to learn more. 

And this is one of the sensations that is very good to feel when you start to visit a car show.

With this curiosity we entered the world of the Los Angeles Auto Show, eager to learn more, to see how can we be more surprised by what the car brands had on display. 

What we found made us smile and brought us a new appreciation of the ingenuity and creativity of the human mind.

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